No One Deserves Secondhand Love

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Don’t settle for secondhand love, for the friend who was there all along. Don’t settle for the one who stuck around regardless just because you knew they would. Just because you knew they would answer your texts late at night, laugh at your jokes, and call you on your bullshit doesn’t mean you love them. Not in that way. Settling for secondhand love wouldn’t be fair to them.

Don’t settle for a friend because it’s convenient, or because you know it will make them happy. Don’t say your heart’s in it when it’s not. It would be cruel to give them false hope, to make them think you’ll change your mind. Logically, you could, because on paper, it makes sense. You make sense together. You could grow to love them the way they want you to, but chances are you won’t.

Emotions and logic aren’t the same thing, and they…

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In the jungle, a group of tribesmen were chasing after a tapir, their food for that day. Afterwards, they divided the meat into proportion so that everyone could get their share. As they were goofing around, they noticed that there were people around them. It turned out it was another tribe from the other side of the forest. Flint Sky, being the oldest and like the leader of the pack, thought that the tribe came there to trade food. But when they gave a portion of the meat to them, the leader of the other tribe told them that what they came for was to ask ask permission to pass through for their land was ravaged and they sough new beginning by migrating to other place. Jaguar Paw, the son of Flint Sky, felt a tinge of fear which he was unable to hide especially from his father. Upon seeing this kind of expression from his son, Flint Sky told Jaguar Paw to wash away all this “deep-rotting” fear, even saying that the fear was a sickness. 

The next day, Jaguar Paw once again saw the leader of the group of refugees but this time in his dream. He was shocked to see the leader with the latter’s body cut open and hand holding its heart. He was told to run. Awaken from this very bad nightmare, he suddenly felt like their tribe was being watched. Then to his surprise, a new group of tribes entered and set their homes on fire. Some adults were killed while others were attacked then captured. Some women were raped the killed. To protect his wife, Turtles Run and his son, Seven, he used a vine to lower and hid them in a deep vertical cave. But that vine was later cut by a raider when Jaguar Paw was captured. Also, another raider slit the throat of Flint Sky and made sure that Jaguar Paw would witness this. In his father’s last words, he was told not to be afraid. 

When Jaguar Paw was tied up, he saw the refugees and its leaders, whom they encountered in forest, were also held as captives, indicating that the raiders were the same tribe who ravaged the other tribe. Even if they wanted to, they could not escape. Their sufferings did not end there. They were forced to march from there up to their captors’ dwellings. On their way to the Mayan city, they encountered a leper girl who told them that the sacred time (solar eclipse) was near and that the man who runs with a jaguar would cause the end of their world. They also passed by a portion of the forest which was cleared for planting crops but the corns were dead and dry. From there, the female captives were held for sale as slaves while Jaguar Paw and the others were brought at the top of the Ziggurat where their hearts would be cut at sacrifice to their God Kukulkan and later be beheaded.

When Jaguar Paw was about to be sacrificed, a solar eclipse occurred. The people was about to panic but the high priest assured them that their god was satisfied with their sacrifices. He asked their god to let the light return to their world, then afterwards, the solar eclipse ended, leaving the people in amazement and in loud roars. Jaguar Paw, together with the living captives, was brought down from the temple. They thought that they would, at last, be freed but it turned out that they all would still be disposed of. This time, they would be treated like mice which would be chase after then later be killed. When it was Jaguar Paw’s turn, he almost made it but he was shot by an arrow in his waist. Blunted, his friend who was still alive despite the injury, helped him by tripping Cut Rock. Jaguar Paw was able to kill him but by this time, Blunted was already dead.

On his way back to their now-destroyed village. Jaguar Paw was unfortunately still being chased by the raiders. Fortunately, he was able to apply all his skills in hunting to get rid of them. He used the kind of snare that their tribe once used with the tapir. Even though it was raining the whole time, he was able to get his wife and 2 sons just in time. He was able to save them. In the end, they transferred to another side of the jungle, saying that they would seek a new beginning. But as they were walking, they noticed a new group of people coming to their lands. That group was the Spaniards. 


Society is a group of people connected to each other by their same geographical territory, political authority and dominant cultural expectations. It is composed of people who practice their own norms and values. To better understand human societies, a sociologist named Gerhard Lenski formed his theory of Socio-cultural evolution, which explains how technology shapes and eventually brings about the changes in our society. This theory provided 5 different types of society namely: hunting and gathering societies, horticultural and pastoral societies, agrarian societies, industrial societies and postindustrial societies. Some of these societies were best seen from the movie Apocalypto. Their differences were illustrated through the three distinct groups of people who were also the characters from the film.

Jaguar Paw’s tribe is a good example of a hunting and gathering society. At the beginning of the movie, Jaguar Paw, together with his father, brother and other tribesmen were seen hunting for animals using traditional weapons like spear knives and snare; while the women and the old people were left at home taking care of the young ones and gathering fruits and vegetables. Somehow there was equality since women and men were treated with the same importance even though they had different roles in the community. As to their population, their tribe only had a small number of people, enough to feed with the resources which could be found in that side of forest where they inhabited.

As for the early Aztecs who ransacked and kidnapped the tribe of Jaguar Paw, their society best exemplified the Agrarian society. The tools and equipment they were using were more advanced than the ones the tribes of Jaguar Paw were using. There was a scene in the movie wherein women were shown sewing clothes and linens not manually but using equipment. They also produced things in a larger scale for the huge population. Since there were more resources, people from their tribe had more options as to what their occupations would be. Some of them were vendors, sewers, planters, etc. In one particular scene where women captives were sold as slaves, it was shown that they had a new stand of exchange. They were not using the old barter system anymore. If in Jaguar Paw’s tribe there was social equality, as for the early Aztecs, an extreme social inequality was illustrated. The movie depicted how absolute power of their ruler was by showing a great number of slaves working and constructing pilgrimage religious structures like their temple or pyramid for example. Since they were extremely religious, their high priest almost had the same absolute power as their ruler had. In the movie, the priest was able to make his people believed that they had to kill more sacrifices for their god to be pleased. It can also be inferred that he knew astronomy since he was aware about the solar eclipse.

In the movie’s last scenes, another group of people were shown. They were the first Spaniards who arrived in the New World. Even though their group had the least exposure compared to the other two, we could say that they had most advanced technology. It was evident by their use of boats as transportation. Also, we have to consider the fact that they were able to go there, it means that they had knowledge not only of sailing but also in cartographing or making maps.

Aside from Lenski, other sociologists were able to use their own theories in explaining the changes in our society. For one, Emile Durkheim used “society and function” as the two main ideas. He described how the people’s social ties or bonds affected the social changes in a society. For example, in the movie, the people from Jaguar Paw’s tribe had the same norms and beliefs that was why everyone was cooperating and doing his part in gathering or hunting food for the survival of their tribe, especially his family. The same strong social bond was also seen from the early Aztecs. People from that tribe were obliged to capture and kill humans as their sacrifices. It was taught to them as a way of pleasing their God to have a reward as a return. Basically, killing was considered as something moral to them. On the other hand, the Spaniards had the least social ties. They had been travelling and sailing which meant that they had also been away from their families and their country for a long period of time. 

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Justin Timberlake Reveals ‘Mirrors’ Is About Jessica Biel

Spell romantic.. J-U-S-T-I-N <3<3

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In an audio clip posted on his website, JT revealed that ‘Mirrors’ was inspired by his wife. His personal explanation of the song is just so beautiful. Read on for all the details.

Justin Timberlake is a romantic guy — as we saw during his wedding preparations — and that translates to his songwriting. In an audio clip posted on his website, JT revealed that the love song “Mirrors” is dedicated to his wife, Jessica Biel.

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Not a big deal? Think twice. Be sensitive.

This 2nd term is nothing but a series of ups and downs. I feel like I’m currently riding on a roller coaster. The only difference is that in that ride, you already know when and where it will move fast, slow down and stop. Unlike in my case, things tend to be unpredictable. Lately, things do not come the way I expect them to be. For a second, it is like I’m having the time of my life then before I know it, I am already cursing, calling it the worst of the worst of all days. 

While I am ace-ing some of the courses under the degree program that I had chosen, I am having trouble with this one subject which I barely even thought I would fail. Business Analysis or BusAna, for short, is the culprit. To be honest, I am still surprise with the outcome of my first quiz even though the results have been out like 3 weeks ago, I think. Not only that, the thing is the midterm grades are also been released last week. Up until now, I am on my depress mode. For one, it is a math subject. I do not want to brag but ever since, it has been not only my favorite subject but my comfort zone. I consider it as a subject that I find challenging but enjoying. I have never had a failing nor a “pasang-awa” grade with it. I did not have any difficulty in class while our professor was discussing it. In fact, I found some topics easy. But during the quiz, it seemed like every misfortunes or badlucks had been showered upon me. AS USUAL, the dilemma was my understanding on the directions. The instructions were clear to me, or so I thought. There was just this problem. I thought solutions in each problem were required and were needed to be shown. So yeah, I’d spent a lot of time rewriting my solutions in test 1. It was only during our professor said,”Last 25 minutes” that I figured out from my blockmate that there was no need for solution. 

Of course, my initial reaction was like,”WHAT?! HALAAA.” I was literally panicking and one of the worst things about me is that I cannot think, act and talk properly when I am in a panic mode. I was completely shaking during that time to the point that I could not even hold my pen properly. THE ENDING? I had not answered the bonus question worth 20 points and the other part of the test worth 20 points if I’m not mistaken. AND FOR THE OTHER ITEMS? Since I hurriedly answered almost every know the rest. VOILA! A FAILING MARK. A REALLY FAILING MARK INFRONT OF ME. :/

And it did not end there. It was frustrating to have that as start of my day but what was even disheartening when I did not have somebody to talk to. During that time, I was not literally alone but that was what I actually felt like. For me, it did not matter if there was someone to comfort me, to sooth me, etc. Sometimes you do not need that to feel better. Just that someone that can listen and let you cry or vent out your emotions is enough. But too bad, I had not one. I had not found even a single one. And to add insult to injury, I got exactly the opposite. 

I was not mad. I was not angry of what happened. I was disappointed. I was hurt. I am hurt. I have been nothing but sensitive to others’ feelings since day one. But in return.. That was what I got. AN UNREASONABLE JUDGMENT OF ME. I get that a lot but it is a different thing if you heard it from those people you care about and you thought care about you too–from those people you consider your friends.


~~Sorry if it contains too much drama but is not yet done. Forgive me for all my sentiments. Just finding a way to let this all out in a calm way.

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11.03.12 Le Brother’s Party :)

Will be posting the photos later. 😀

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Goodbye, Manila 🙂


Pearl Harbor-ish 🙂


Somewhere in Intramuros. Brings back a lot of childhood memories. 🙂Image

Rizal Park. Kind of ashaming to say but I’ve never been here :))


I left my heart in Bulacan 🙂


Epitome of sunshine 🙂


Pink flowers symbolize unconditional love 🙂


Roadtrips with good music 🙂

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I woke up late yesterday. I was supposed to get up around 4:00AM to review for the remaining topics included in our midterm exam. I am not a usual heavy sleeper but last morning was a different case. I did not even hear my alarm clock ring. Haha. Well, it served me right for staying up late the night before that. During that time, I was reviewing my notes in Accounting, doing the business case that I would have done last week, chatting with my friends, etc. So much for multitasking. Haha. But I was kind of disappointed with myself since I already made a list of the things that I would like to accomplish that night but still ended up doing the opposite. Ugh. Everything around the room was so tempting especially the computer. It was too late when I realized the amount of time I had wasted just surfing the net.

Okay so enough with the regretting. Haha. I left our house at 7AM and to think my first class starts at exactly 8AM. I was just lucky that I was able to catch a bus at that time but I was standing the whole ride. Nobody even offered their seat. *sigh* I arrived at 8:10. The class was already starting. The assigned group ws reporting about Judaism. When I entered the room, I greeted my professor a good morning with the sweetest smile. I was kind of hoping he would not record my tardiness. He smiled back so I think he just let me pass this time. Haha

So just when I was checking my notes in accounting for a last review, my crush called me. He used “Mikaela” instead of my nickname. But it was okay since we’re not really that close and we barely even talk. Plus, he was gorgeously smizing, i meant smiling. :> I won’t go much into details so that it would not be obvious who he is. The bottomline was he kind of brighten up my morning. Haha

Came after our Tredone class was our midterm in accounting. It was 2nd and last part since we already started last Monday. My blockmates and I used the whole period answering because the test was kind of hard. Some items were very tricky so you really had to think twice before writing the final answer. I think I did okay. I answered all the test items. It’s just that I was not sure in some parts. Well, fingers crossed for us. I’ll just let Papa God do the rest. 🙂

LUNCH TIME! To get my mind off things, I ate together with Kim, Shiela and Pam. Shiela was too kind to let us stay in their condo AGAIN. Haha. They ordered their food from Jus & Gerry’s while mine was from LUNCHBOX. I haven’t eaten anything there before. It was my first time and I was glad because their food was really yummy. Btw, I tried their BEEF MUSHROOM with Kimchi. It was really worth it. Even worthy to be called their BESTSELLER. 🙂

Every Wednesday, I have a long break from 11:10-3:30PM. Normally, some of my blockmates would go to our condo to sleep, eat, watch tv, etc. But today I went there alone. I was supposed to sleep but there was a good movie playing in Star Movies so I just opted to watch instead. I never thought SCREAM 4 would be that awesome. I just loved the twist in the ending. I even told myself,”I did not see that one coming!” So yeah just watch it, guys! It just gives a good amount of scare and suspense.

LAST CLASS: FTTEAMS. I admit that at first, I did not like this subject because of the sport that was assigned to our block but eventually, I was kind of enjoying it. I think it started because of this year’s UAAP. I have this huge crush on Ateneo’s “Blue Mamba.” Hihi. Right, he’s Kiefer Ravena. If you don’t know him, go kill yourself! Haha. Just kidding. But he’s really famous and girls are swooning over him especially when he’s on the court. He was kind of the reason why I became interested with basketball. Not to brag but I really played well during our game in yesterday’s class. Well, if you would consider the fact that I am a girl and that I’m just a neophyte. We, girls, had gotten our first taste on how to play in an actual game. Our prof divided us into 4 teams since we were 20. My teammates at first were Regine(center), Masako(forward, just like me), Kristine & Kim(guards). We were reshuffled on the latter part because some of my blockmates needed to leave for their midterm. I prayed for them. I really hoped they did well in their exam.

After the intense game(WE’RE SO AWESOME KASE. HAHA), since I left my tab with Kim,  I decided to stay at Starbucks with Oliver and Donna. We were so bored back then that we attempted to make prank calls. Hahahaha. Who were the people we called? SECRET, of course. :))

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